This gallery shows a small selection of my original hand pulled prints. Many of these plus a much wider range can be bought unframed from my online shop. Have a look at the Events page to see where you can buy framed work.

I now work principally as a printmaker, but for many years I was mainly a watercolour artist and portrait painter and you can see some of that work here.

Four Seasons - the farming year

collagraph 22.5 x 32.5 cm
edition of 5

collagraph 22.5 x 32.5 cm
edition of 5

collagraph 22.5 x 32.5 cm
edition of 5

collagraph 22.5 x 32.5 cm
edition of 5

Artist Books

Feed the Birds
miniature artist book
edition of 10

Fleet of Foot
miniature artist book
edition of 10

Some more collagraph prints

Woodland Steps
collagraph 23 x 29 cm
Edition of 25

collagraph 30 x 15 cm

Edition of 30

Fountains Abbey
30 x 30 cm
Edition of 15

Whitby Abbey in Yorkshire, original collagraph print by Jane Duke.
Whitby Abbey

30 x 30 cm
Edition of 5

Robin Nest
18 x 18 cm
Edition of 7

Velvet Ears
15 x 15 cm
Edition of 15

These three mini ammonites prints have also been produced in a triptych of all three images, in an edition of 15.

A Flick of Hares

There is a blog post about how the collagraph hare on the left below became the fundraising edition for Comic Relief on the right. Click on the link to the blog at the top of this page.

Some popular linocut prints

Original linocut print of the 199 Steps in Whitby, Yorkshire, by Jane Duke

199 Steps
21 x 28 cm
Edition of 10

Staithes Harbour
20 x 22 cm
Edition of 19

An original linocut print of a peacock depicted in a Klimt style, by Jane Duke

Klimt Peacock
20 x 27 cm
Open Edition

Summer Evening, Burton Agnes
29 x 20 cm
Open Edition

The view from the studio during one of my residencies at the Hall. 

Some woodcut prints, each made with just two blocks

The Yorkshire Museum

One of my favourite haunts is the Yorkshire Museum in York. These prints are based on artefacts held there.

linoprint 29 x 17 cm
Edition of 25
Based on carvings held in museums in the UK and Norway.
Also produced in other colours.

Yorkshire Boar
collagraph 11 x 10 cm
Edition of 20
Richard III's boar emblem is superimposed on
the Middleham Jewel.

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